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Mohamed Elhadad, EPI

My connection to Helmholtz started with the application to do a master thesis. I then decided to continue my work and pursue a PhD. My first steps were to look for student activities in the center. By the force of habit, I have been socially active since high school.
I participated in activities ranging from political parties to purely social and charitable organizations. This passion led me to DINI, where I met a lot of highly active and motivated PhD colleagues aiming to help their fellow colleagues in all aspects during the course of their PhD.
All student representatives are active DINI members and they used DINI as a platform to connect with other PhD students and to offer them a wide range of extracurricular activities. Their dedication was my inspiration to apply this year.
As a student representative, I would like, together with the other representatives, to get in touch with other graduate students. I am hoping we could, as a team, be able to make PhD life as fun and happy as it could be. I would like to motivate fellow PhD students to be more active, whether in DINI or otherwise. The more of us gets involved, the better the ideas we have and the more we can do to achieve them.


Mohamed Elhadad
Institute of Epidemiology

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