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Mohamed Khedr

I started my project in September 2017 at the institute of comprehensive molecular analytics. Two weeks later, I joined the DINI team because I admired their efforts in making new students feel welcome. I also appreciated how they shared their own experience regarding bureaucratic administrative and legal issues. Three months later, I volunteered to represent doctoral researchers of the Helmholtz Center Munich in the Helmholtz Juniors program to get in touch with other graduate students from all over the Helmholtz association.



I believe getting involved with such associations opens up the door to great networking opportunities, where one can learn a lot from the knowledge and philosophy of others working on a diversity of research fields. I also find it both inspiring and amazing how such proactive people are willing to take off from their own precious time to enthusiastically share their expertise and resources with others for the overall welfare of scientific research. And the least I could do in return for such bestowal is to keep passing it on.


Over the past year, Helmholtz Juniors have been working in cooperation with representatives from Max Plank PhDnet and Leibniz PhD Network on enhancing the working conditions of fellow doctoral researchers by conducting surveys and communicating their gratitude as well as struggles via multiple channels, not to mention organizing several networking events such as NextGen@Helmholtz.


Mohamed Khedr
Comprehensive Molecular Analytics

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