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Statistic Courses

Biweekly, Mondays, 11:00 – 13:00 pm

IBMI Group B - Clinical MSOT

Credit Points: 3.5 HE/term

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Statistical Consulting

Credit Points: 

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21.02.2018 (or) 02.05.2018 (or) 19.10.2018

Biostatistics with GraphPad Prism® – basic course –

Credit Points: 2 HE

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23.04.2018 (or) 25.06.2018

Biostatistics with GraphPad Prism® – advanced course -

Credit Points: 2 HE

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MATLAB - Basic course

Credit Points: 4 HE

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MATLAB - Advanced course

Credit Points: 4 HE

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Statistical Inference for Dynamical Systems

Credit Points: 14 HE/term

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In case of questions please contact Human Resources Development.

Manuela Scholze

HR Development Course Program

Course Cancellation Policy

Each participant who has registered for a HELENA course is obliged to inform the respective responsible organizer immediately if he/she cannot attend the course for important reasons. In the case of unexcused absences, we reserve the right to deduct 200 € from the Institute/Research Unit budget.